Holistic Massage


Duration: 70 minutes

What Can I Expect?

A wonderful all-encompassing therapy which has an immediate physiological effect on the local area of the body being treated. It also has an amazing effect on the whole body through the stimulation and relaxation of the muscular and nervous systems. The massage activates the lymphatic drainage system which clears the body of toxins. Stress can affect physical and emotional wellness. Holistic massage allows for natural healing to be activated by allowing the body and mind to balance. The deep physiological and psychological benefits of holistic massage can affect all the body’s systems in a powerful way, allowing the client the opportunity to deeply relax their mind and address the underlying causes of stress.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Alleviates muscle tension and stiffness
  • Encourages deep sleep
  • Reduces overall stress and tension
  • Promote deep relaxation
  • Encourage deeper and therefore more efficient and relaxed breathing
  • Improves circulation and skin tone
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increase energy levels and reduces fatigue

Will It Work For Me?

The treatment can be tailored to treat specific areas of the body (back neck shoulders) or whole body. Treatment will take place on a plinth and client will need to disrobe as required.
This treatment can be used with aromatherapy oils to strengthen the effect on the body and mind.
All medical insurance companies recognise the benefits of Massage as a complementary therapy and offer part reimbursement of such fees on certain policies. Clients are advised to check their own insurance policy. Amaris Healing is registered with NRRI and IMTA and receipts can be issued in respect of this therapy.